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Back-UP posters presented at EFIC Congress 2019 in Valencia

20 September 2019

Pain in Europe XI is the largest scientific congress on pain, bringing together the most recognized experts in the field of pain medicine to exchange knowledge, ideas and the latest advances in the field.


The 11th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC has been held in Valencia, Spain from 4th to 7th September 2019 with the motto ‘Bringing the Future to the Present’.

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The congress included various different active and interactive session formats such as: Educational Workshops, Scientific Symposia, Meet the Speakers, Special and Plenary Lectures, Young Investigators‘Sessions, Refresher Courses and a comprehensive Industrial Exhibition.

The Scientific Committee elaborated a programme with topics covering all areas of interest in the field of pain and pain management. Basic science has been implemented and integrated this into presentations of clinical practice, skills in diagnoses and treatments. Also, a great value in the proper recognition of multimodal and multidisciplinary approaches to pain has been put.

“We live in a rapidly changing world. New technologies are becoming available and the organisation of care is quickly shifting. New insights into pathophysiology will lead to more mechanism-oriented treatments. As we are all getting older, the number of patients with pain is increasing. At the same time, healthcare budgets are under growing pressure. It is clear that innovative approaches are crucial”, states Frank Huygen, Chair of the EFIC Scientific Programme Committee

Back-Up project was present with two posters:

Clinical management of neck and low back pain through personalised prognostic models: the Back-UP Project, by Helios de Rosario et al. This poster showed an overall presentation of the platform, its architecture and the modules that compose it.
Evidence based treatment recommendations for back and neck pain across Europe: a systematic review of guidelines, by Gwenllian Wynne-Jones et al. This work showed an overview of the revision made in the project, to provide Back-UP with contents that help users follow the best treatments, according to the most reliable scientific evidence.

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The Back-UP delegation was made of the main authors of the posters, Gwenllian Wynne-Jones from University of Keele, UK and Helios de Rosario from IBV, Spain.

De Rosario is also the Back-UP Project Director and underlines “the great interest generated by Back-Up project among the scientific community, and continues: “This was a great occasion for project networking that may offer new possibility of collaboration in the future around pain management”.

The European Pain Federation EFIC is the Europe´s most important multi-disciplinary and multi-professional organization in the field of pain medicine, representing 37 constituent national pain societies with over 20,000 scientists, physicians, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

The Back-UP Project works for a better, personalised, faster and evidence-based management of neck and low back pain, through the development of a technological platform with prognostic models, addressed to patients, clinicians and occupational managers, based on the digital representation of multidimensional clinical information, and in-silico assessments of possible interventions.
Back-Up is bound to complete the first two year of the project, in December 2019.

For more information about Back-UP, please visit project web page 

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