Convocatoria piloto de impulso a la generación de paradigmas tecnológicos emergentes.

26 April 2019

EIC Pathfinder pilot. (FET-Proactive) Boosting emerging technologies


En el contexto del actual Programa Marco H2020, y en su tránsito hacia el futuro Programa Horizonte Europa, la convocatoria EIC Pathfinder pilot. (FET-Proactive) Boosting emerging technologies apuesta por proyectos colaborativos transnacionales


_ Human-Centric Artificial Intelligent,AI: The projects are expected to contribute to the wider debate on the sociotechnical, organisational and AI-ethical dimensions of such technologies and systems, and link to the ’Commission’s broader AI strategy.

_ Implantable autonomous devices and materials: Problems with current implants: do not last long/the materials are not bio-compatible/are not adaptable/no clever sensing/no shape/function change/no movement/no power management. Radically new biomedical tech is needed for implantable devices and materials with dramatically longer functional lifetimes

Instrument: Research & Innovation Actions
Funding level: Maximum of 100% of the total eligible costs
Deadline: 03/09/2019

Aditional information: Participant Portall

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