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IBV and IVACE come back to Eindhoven for the Inno4Sports week exchange

11 February 2020

The Inno4Sports Week Exchange, hosted by Sport&Technology Cluster, took place from the 27th to the 29th of November


Enrique Alcántara Director of Innovation in Sports at the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) and Paco Ferrando, Head of Unit of the European Programs Service of IVACE spent three days in Eindhoven together with the Hungarian delegation: Valeria Szabo and Kata Varga from Uni Debrecen and Tamas Dekan from MSE cluster.

“All the Sport & Technology staff is proud to host this exchange week in Eindhoven” René Wijlens who, together with with Marc van der Zande, has set an intensive program full of activities.

It started at AAA-Lux for the meeting of an IPC (Innovation Performance Contract) project, is a funding program in which S&T helped 10 pairs of SMEs to get funds and later coached them.

The following session, ‘Meet, Match and Multiply’ is a regular meeting of the BusinessClub of the Cluster Sports and Technology. The theme was internationalisation and lead by inspiring speakers: John van de Laar of Orange Sports Forum (OSF), Ruben Fokkema of Brainport Development and Eric Swennen of AAA-Lux.
Besides, the companies YOU.FO, Kanoslalom and Tracklete pitched about their internationalisation challenges.

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YOU.FO arose lot of interest as a cross between lacrosse and ultimate frisbee. It is a versatile sports and leisure game, based on throwing and catching an aerodynamic ring with specially designed sticks. It can be played freestyle in parks, on beaches or on city squares. But, it can also be played as a team game (3vs3 / 4vs4 / 5vs5) on existing sports fields or even indoors in a gym. The official competition game YOU.FO Zone is mixed-gender, non-contact, self-regulated and you continue playing at all time. YOU.FO is officially recognized as a sports game by the Dutch National Olympic Committee.

On day 2 project partners and invitees met at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven to participate in the session ‘Approaches for smart vital urban environments’, mainly around the living lab experience, such as Vitality Living Lab or the Stratumseind presented by Marc van der Zande. Living Labs imply ¡important efforts in data management, which at same time is a business opportunity for investors.

Use cases such Antwerpen, London were presented, while IBV presented its Data Innovation Hub which collect information to find answers to questions about what motivates citizens to exercise more.

The third day was dedicated to visit the InnoSportLab de Tongelreep, with Hungarian Diver Federation as special guests.

Finally, the partners visited the Sport & Beweeg! lab, in which public spaces turn into sport infrastructure using innovative digital solutions supported by the city government in cooperation with the university.

Enrique Alcantara from IBV said, ‘I learnt some interesting things about the ecosystem of sports innovation in Eindhoven. On the one hand the relevance of considering that the ecosystem goes beyond the regional/national environment and internationalization has to be part of it. Also, I established interesting contacts with startups’.

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INNO4SPORTS project is a European project whose objective is to share the experiences of different European regions with different levels of development and experience in sport. The ultimate goal is to improve the functioning and efficiency of regional development programs that can help deploy the innovative potential of sport.

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