Biomechanical applications

Originally, the Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) made technological development compatible with research activities. Therefore, products are often modified to become usable for technical assessment and suitable for industrialisation, when they were developed to respond to an instrumental need in the first place.

Currently, the IBV counts with over 2,500 users of technological applications (software and instrumental) distributed in Spain and Latin-America. Most transferred systems are integrated into Disability Assessment Centres, Healthcare Insurance Companies, Ergonomics Laboratories, Prevention Cabinets, Hospital Rehabilitation and Otolaryngology Services, Faculties of Medicine, Faculties of Sport and Physical Activity Sciences, High Performance Centres, Schools of Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic companies, Foot Clinical Units, Podology Centres and other private companies.

One of the most in-demand services of the IBV is the assessment on design, building and start up of laboratories (Movement Analysis, Disability Evaluation, Workplace Ergonomics and Functional Design of Footwear, among others). When starting up a laboratory, experts are trained with this aim and protocols and work methodologies of the IBV are transferred to be included as assessment and long-term training models.




NedRangos/IBV asiste al especialista en el proceso de valoración de la amplitud de movimientos articulares.
El software permite realizar valoraciones de miembro superior, miembro inferior y raquis. Se registran las amplitudes máximas de las articulaciones, y/o segmentos del raquis en todos los planos de movimiento anatómicos usando instrumentación electrónica que asiste a dicho registro.

ShapeScan100/IBV es un escáner 3D real, desarrollado por el Instituto de Biomecánica, que funciona mediante tecnología láser.
Rápido, preciso y versátil, permite escanear la planta del pie a distintas alturas, así como moldes de escayola y otros materiales.

DOMEscan/IBV genera una reconstrucción digital 3D del volumen del pie y calcula en pocos segundos sus medidas.

Es un escáner de bajo coste que utiliza una tecnología pionera en el campo de la digitalización de formas humanas, resultado de la intensa actividad de I+D llevada a cabo por el Grupo de Antropometría del Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV).

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