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The Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV) offers specialised education and training in order to transfer knowledge and research results in fields such as Biomechanics and health and well-being technologies. Courses are aimed to professionals working in those fields where the IBV deploys its activities and, specifically, to users of its technological applications. The IBV uses a student oriented methodology and it is the authors’ expertise (IBV’s researchers and technical personnel) that guarantees the quality of contents.

The IBV offers on-site, on-line and combined courses, ranging from continuing education to master’s degrees at the Universitat Politècnica de València.

IBV’s online lecture room (Campus IBV) allows, since 2001, access to the following courses:
  • Monographic courses: short specialised courses closely related to the IBV’s fields of action.
  • Tailored courses: courses can be adapted to the user needs in accordance with a planned syllabus established by common consent.

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Campus IBV allows for students to receive specific education in Biomechanics over the computer, without restrictions on hours or distance, and it is especially interesting for those entities and professionals working in industrial sectors where biomechanical knowledge is of use.
Regarding approved postgraduate courses, the IBV participates in:

  • Inter-university Master in Biomedical Engineering - Official Postgraduate Programme in Technologies for Health and Well-being
  • Inter-university Master in Health and Safety at Work - Official Postgraduate Programme in Technologies for Health and Well-being

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